Transportation needs Control Towers!

Talking every time about the control tower concepts, it is also essential to know about its actual abilities of such a concept, which for instance includes the transport modalities. Hence, new trends in the modal choice also need to be taken into account and hence synchromodality plays an essential role. But why did synchromodality actually become a trend? In the end it can all be brought down to the customer behaviour and the wishes and demand, which are changing and therefore requiring new or optimized services, such as synchromodal options.

However, in this case it is not directly the customer who is directly demanding, but it is a reaction on A-modal customers, who are less interested in the transport modes used for their transportation. That is why networks such as the following one below, are set up to make the most of various transport modes and actually keep reliability and flexibility at the highest level.


To get back to trends, you might probably still remember the top 10 world trends I have referred to in one of my previous blogs. Looking at Synchromodality, you can see the effect of a couple of those trends executed and applied in the logistic sector. In my opinion especially the following three trends can be recognised:

  1. Open data / informed consumers
  2. Digital world
  3. Personalisation

However, in order to connect all those trends in one solution, a network concept needs to be in place, to connect all customer wishes with the according transport mode. In order to have a clear overview about all available modes and transported volumes, a control tower concept is able to communicate all this information between the different supply chain parties to ensure the high reliability through the organizational flexibility.

Just as a small addition, synchromodality is not only beneficial due to flexibility, it does also provide the supply chain parties with the opportunity to focus on another trend – the TOP 2:

  • Environmental Sustainability

You hopefully all know what it is about and what you can do about it as an individual. Nevertheless, it plays an important role to me how my working field is/ will be able to participate in the environmental safety. As an example, synchromodal options allow companies to steer the volumes between the transport modes and can for instance reduce the usage of road transportation by using inland barges or train.

And I am sure, there are many, many more possibilities this concept offers, so tell me what you think about it!


2 thoughts on “Transportation needs Control Towers!

  1. Hey! I like this blog with the benefit behind synchromodality. In my opinion, trust and willingness of cooperation are ones of biggest problems to limit this option. Do you have any idea how to motivate this concept into the market?

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  2. Hey! I do agree with your statement and that trust issues usually represent the biggest difficulty. However, I think as long as the processes are transparent at any time from the implementation on, distrust can be reduced to a certain extend. Everybody needs to have a clear role including the responsibilities belonging to it. As long as those are clear and all responsibilities are fulfilled any concept can be implemented, in my opinion. Because in the end a certain level of trust also motivates people to give their best and perform their tasks.


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