Over and out!

Control Towers are all over the place and kept me busy now for several weeks and months. So coming to an end, I firstly hope that all my readers have enjoyed the blogs, the knowledge and the opinions I have shared with you. To me it has been a unique experience and also in regard to the educational purpose of this, it has been very valuable to also check out blogs of others. I could get a closed look on their opinions and on their interests considering the main subject of control towers.

However, getting back to the topic itself, I would like to summarize my impressions of this opportunity for logistic businesses. Being part of this major digitalization development I have the feeling that a control tower concept is able to translate the advantages of this development into a logistics applicable and easy to understand tool. Companies have mostly recorded data for various years, but what has there actually been a clear purpose for the data collection? In my opinion, there has not been. But now the diversity and manifoldness of data can finally be used and provide companies with new advantages.

Collaboration is key, within and outside of firms nowadays. Thinking in silos and departments becomes out of style and the bigger picture can now be viewed from the helicopter view – from the control tower. When talking about collaboration I do not want to refer to collaboration between people and employees, but also between systems and people. In my opinion a control tower offers new possibilities. It shows and proofs how systems and people can work together successfully instead of systems only replacing people. New tasks arise and new skills are required, which creates challenges on the one hand but also benefits through knowledge enlargement on the other.


However, to get back to the original picture of the airport control tower, everybody had in his or her head at the beginning of this course. During one of my internships in the airfreight industry I could actually experience the degree of digitalization and automation, which is implemented in that sector. Surprisingly and unexpectedly I needed to assert that especially the air cargo industry has completely missed the digitalization development so far. Flying around kilograms of required accompanying document just perfectly represent their current status. Therefore, especially in this branch a renewed and digital version of a control is overdue. Just don’t get me wrong: It should definitely not replace the old one, but actually connect the two of them and even more parties and parts of the air freight supply chain.

Overall, I am sure that even though we only looked from a logistics perspective, there are many more business models that are applicable for a control tower concept. Not taking into account where my future career will lead to, I am still sure I’ll get in contact with this concept again and I am already looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading guys!


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