PS: One last one

You could not get enough of my blogs, right? Because today we had our final presentations for one of the most work and time intensive projects of my study and I just needed to share some more information about it with you. It is a collaboration between my university of applied sciences and the multinational Samsung. In specific we were looking at their supply chain for the TV business, while mostly focussing on their expected sales growth, but also on the introduction of two new TV models. Obviously I cannot provide you with more or detailed information and figures, as they have a high degree of confidentiality.

Nevertheless, I want to talk about the results, our findings and recommendations, which were developed by – in total – six groups of students. Each group looking at the entire end-to-end supply chain, but mainly focussing on one of the predefined areas. Those areas are comparable to the standard departments within a company. I personally have been part of the HR division – and had a great presentation. However, it was not my department that came up with the improvement idea of a control tower concept for Samsung, but actually IT and Finance did.

As our assignment was to look at the end-to-end supply chain and not just at one part of the chain, it was obvious to use such a concept in order to provide the helicopter view and increase transparency in order to become more flexible. But in this case we are not looking at a concept which is developed and steered by a third party service provider, but it is actually planned to be developed and executed through Samsung itself. As they already provide a lot of IT expertise and are doing research on such a concept themselves, they have the knowledge and (financial) assets to start up such a system.

In doing so, Samsung enables itself to build the most customized control tower you can have. In comparison to an external party, Samsung is perfectly aware about their business, their supply chain and all important aspects and characteristics. This is why they are able to create the perfect combination of their processes and the IT support in order to keep those organized, flexible and transparent. In addition Samsung would be the initiator of the control tower, which they might then try to connect with all the other parties in the supply chain. Here, they do not only consider external carriers and service providers, which took over all outsourced activities, but also the company owned subsidies. This provides Samsung with the opportunity of having much more data available as in other models, as the majority is company owned and needs less data protection measures.

Overall I think, this is a really interesting case of a control tower based on an internally organized concept. It provides many more opportunities in data collection, analysis and final usage of the gathers information. I hope this quick impression of the case is also from your interest and brought you some more insights.

But for now… Over and out & enjoy the view!



2 thoughts on “PS: One last one

  1. Hi Franca, We as IT indeed came up with the idea of the control tower for Samsung. But do you think HR/Governance and Legal also can have benefits of using this same control tower? And in which way do you think this benefits are?

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    1. Hello! 🙂 Indeed, you came up with the idea!
      I personally think, that each department can benefit from a control tower, but especially subjects such as Customs and the clearance processes can easily be integrated in the Control Tower and therefore digitalized.


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