It’s the final countdown…

…Da da daaaa, Da da da da Daaaa. It’s time for feedback! So lets have a quick review about the overall course, the content, the approaches and methods used and the learning effect in the end.

Firstly looking at the methods of grading that were used during the course. Here, the lectures made use of online blogging and an oral examination. In my opinion I think both options combined do actually provide a clear overview about the knowledge and insight one has gained during the course, but the value adding opportunities can still be extended. Hence, I would recommend providing more feedback moments on the blog posts. During this course there has only been one feedback Excel file on Natschool, which has not been updated anymore since the very beginning of the course. In order to get a better idea about the quality of your blogs and also react on constructive feedback, this feedback needs to be on a more regular basis, to not limit the learning and improving possibilities. Additionally, I think the blog of the lecturers should be used much more. Even though they had created an own blog at the beginning of the course, it has not been used at all and no blog posts were posted. I also think that next to the questions and reactions students were commenting below others blog posts, also the lecturers could have been part of the commenting process. As last I would like to raise the idea, of integrating the blogs more into the actual classes. Within the blogs a high variety of topics from the course and various opinions and ideas are shared. But could they not also be used for the learning process of the whole class? I would suggest looking out for good examples and strong opinions stated in blogs and potentially use those for discussions within the classes. In such a ways some students have the possibility for direct feedback and valuable discussions can arise.

Secondly, I would like to evaluate on the big amount of practical assignments students need to deal with during the lectures. Here, I would also like to include the different games, which were directly connected to the topics discussed. In my opinion the assignments provided a really interactive way of teaching and required a high involvement of everyone in the class, which I really appreciate. I hope this will be further continued in the future, as this is exactly the key aspect of the idea behind the concept of a university of applied sciences. So well done, it has been a lot of fun!

As last I would like to refer to the company visit, which was supposed to be part of the course. In general I am a great fan of company visits, when companies have an interesting business model and actually fit in the content of the lecturers and are able to underbuild it with suitable examples of the real working life. However, unfortunately not all students were provided with the opportunity of visiting a company. Apparently no company excursion could be organized for the complete group of international students. In addition this development has not been transparently communicated, as at the end of the course nobody of the international students had a clue about the company visit and whether it might still be organized or not. For the future I would just recommend to start searching for a suitable company in time. Or in case no company can be found, why not asking the student? I am convinced by now everybody has a decent network of companies through the past internships but also through personal contacts. So in general, please just be more communicative and explain the circumstances and ask for help in case it’s needed.

However, just as a final conclusion: I really think the course covers a highly important topic, which is high in the agenda of international logistics companies. I also like the idea of the alternative teaching and examination method and the actual request for direct feedback! Hence, I would like to thank you for the course and hope you will/ can use my comments and feedbacks for next years course!




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